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Took the breath away from every listener.

                 Los Alamos Monitor


Provided true frissons.

             Baton Rouge Advocate


She is a fine, fine singer.

       Seattle Post Intelligencer




 B R I S T E R,



Just Released: (2022)


Madeleine Dring: Lady Composer: 30 Previously Unreleased Songs from Theatre, West End, Stage, and Radio. Wanda Brister with Courtney Kenny, Nuala Willis, and Matt Cooksey.

Cambria Music.


"A blue print, from which others singers can develop the repertoire... a satisfying first listen... No shortage of sarcastic humour... illustrates her music for a sophisticated cabaret audience."

Dan Adams, The Magazine of the Light Music Society

"this may be the most entertaining and interesting release yet. It also marks the end of an era because of the recent death of . . . Courtney Kenny.  Brister deploys her rich, lucious voice with impressive assurance and a wonderful sense of style and fun."

Gregory Berg,  Journal of Singing

Book: (2020)

Clemson University Press

(Wanda Brister & Jay Rosenblatt) 362 pp.   Also available through Liverpool University Press, Oxford University Press, and


"A fulfilling and insightful book on multiple levels that will appeal to anyone interested in the byways of light music as well as to those wishing to make a study."

           Dan Adams, The Magazine of the Light Music Society

"Wanda Brister and Jay Rosenblatt have done a meticulous job bringing Dring's remarkable story to life... This welcome new biography sheds light on an iconoclastic composer's brilliant musical mind, and compels us to reconsider her compositional output. The lady composer Madeleine Dring certainly
deserves our greater attention."
                                                         Stephen Caplan, The Double Reed

"This thoroughly researched collaboration is a valuable addition to the literature about Madeleine Dring."
                                                      Debra Greschner, Journal of Singing

"Madeleine Dring, Lady Composer, is a work that should be acquired by all music libraries and read by all. It is an inspiring and thoughtful account of a remarkable person and a true creative."
                                                            George Caird, Double Reed News

"In Madeleine Dring: Lady Composer the authors have managed to convey the successful life of a working freelance woman composer. [...] An unbelievable amount of effort was obviously expended by the authors to trace and document her unpublished and unrecorded work but the best and most moving part of the book is the personal writing about daily life, music, art and war by the young Madeleine Dring."
                                                  Erin Hackel, Kapralova Society Journal

"Madeleine Dring: Lady Composer tells the story of the London-born, twentieth-century composer in a detailed but engaging text. [...] Brister and Rosenblatt serve the composer well in this new biography, which, along with recordings and score publications by Brister, Hancock-Child, and others,
should lead to more performances and recognition of Dring's music."
                                                                Bonny H. Miller, IAWM Journal

Recent Presentations:/Master Classes

Dring Lecture: 20th C British Song Literature: Florida State University.

Cabaret Music of Madeleine


Women's Music Festival at MUW,

Columbus Mississippi. March 2022 with Sofia Scattarreggia and Rebecca Golub (Eastman SM)

Instrumental Music of Madeleine


Women's Music Festival at MUW,

Columbus Mississippi. March 2020

Master Class:

Mississippi State University

Starkville, Mississippi. March 2020

Recently Published Music of Madeleine Dring: Women Composers Festival of Hartford

Hartford, CT. March 2019

Cabaret Songs of Madeleine Dring: 

Women's Music Festival at MUW 

Columbus Mississippi. March 2019

Cabaret Songs of Madeleine Dring:

Mini lecture recital National Conference (NATS)

Las Vegas, NV 2018

Songs of Madeleine Dring: 

Women's Music Festival at MUW

Columbus Mississippi. March 2018

Release of CD: December 2018

Cabaret Songs of Madeleine Dring (CD1251) 

Cambria Music

17 Previously unrecorded songs with cabaret artist and pianist, Courtney Kenny, and Nuala Willis. Recorded in England May 2015.

WINNER: 2019 Solo/Chamber Album of the year: Light Music Society of Britain

Reviewed by Stefania de Kenessey in the IAWM Journal, Vol 26, No. 2 2020, pp. 31-32.

The performances are lively, entertaining, clever, stylistically apt and─equally importantly─cover a wide range of emotions, from hilarious comedy to serious introspection....

Each performer brings an intriguing personal connection to the music of Madeleine Dring.


A professor of voice at Florida State University, Wanda Brister discovered Dring’s music sometime in 2000; shortly thereafter, she began working on the composer’s legacy. She initiated a long correspondence with Dring’s husband, Roger Lord (principal oboist of the London Symphony Orchestra for over thirty years, starting in 1951), and their only son, Jeremy; currently, she is assisting the granddaughter with organizing a large trove of unpublished manuscripts. Brister is also at work on a comprehensive biography of the composer, Madeleine Dring: Lady Composer, scheduled to be published this year.

Reviewed by Gregory Berg in the

Journal of Singing: (May 2019)

The voice itself is rich and opulent and she does not sound like she is scaling back its warmth or fullness... she is able to navigate these songs with a saucy, earthy ease and naturalness that make them come alive... Someone listening to this recording might very well be reminded of Eileen Farrell's groundbreaking album... Brister seems to approach these songs with a similar sense of fun tempered by the care one takes when singing something very special. There is love here.

Reviewed by Daniel Adams in Light Music Society Magazine (October 2019)  

Brister’s voice is a pleasing mezzo soprano with barely a hint of her American accent in this highly anglicised set of song lyrics. Courtney Kenny himself  is a voice in very fine fettle indeed! Willis only appears in Model Models, but her humorous delivery of the witty text is a joy. 

Recent Publications:

Article in Light Music Society Magazine, October 2019 entitled "Finding Madeleine."

Biography in International Alliance of Women in Music Journal, Fall 2019

Program Notes on Cupboard Love for Byre Opera of St Andrews University June 2019.


Previously Unpublished Vocal Works by

Madeleine Dring: 

Volume 1: CVR: 5111 

Art Songs and Arrangements, (c) 2018

Volume 2: CVR: 5139 

Cabaret Songs, (c) 2018

Volume 3: CVR: 5142 

More Art Songs, (c) 2018

Volume 4: CVR: 5148 

More Cabaret Songs, (c) 2018

 Volume 5: CVR: 5153

Still More Art Songs, Arrangements, and Love Songs, 

(c) 2018

Volume 6: CVR: 5154

Still More Cabaret, (c) 2018

Volume 7: CVR: 5155

Cabaret Duets, (c) 2018

Volume 8: CVR: 5156

Ensembles for More than Three Voices, (c) 2018

Volume 9: CVR: 5157

Songs from West End Revues, (c) 2018

Reviewed by Kathleen Roland-Silverstein in the Journal of Singing,  November 2018

We are fortunate indeed to have artist-scholars who turn their passion for art song performance into outstanding research... Dr. Wanda Brister has been a champion of the songs of British composer Madeleine Dring... (Her) contribution to the scholarship concerning MD is impressive...

Madeleine Dring: 

Cupboard Love, a one-act opera

CVR 5103, (c) 2017


Oct. 11, 2015: Church of St Nicholas and the

     Annunciation, Etchingham, East Sussex

July 5-19, 2015:  Lessons at Orfeo Music

     Festival, Vipiteno, Italy

Feb. 2, 3, 2015:  Masterclasses at  University                      of Southern Mississippi,  (Hattiesburg)

Nov. 22, 2014: Masterclass at FSU with                              Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet



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