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I n  M e m o r i a m


It is becoming more and more evident to me how influential my teachers and employers have been over the years. Many of my friends, teachers, and mentors have gone on and I wish to remember them here. These are also people with whom I have worked, however briefly, who somehow touched my musical life. Also people who offered encouragement at critical times. It could never be an all-inclusive list.


Anne Polen Addicks . Michael Allen . Dalton Baldwin . James Boytim . Wesley Brax . Baby Buras . Arthur Cosenza . Tommy de la Bretonne . Roy DelpEnrio di Giuseppe .  Jeffrey Eschleman . Raymond Giargiari . Boris Goldovsky . G.S. Beaman Griffin . Dolly Hawthorne . Ray Truett Hinkie . Gerald Hubbell, MD .  John Hutton . Caroline Kenny . Courtney Kenny . Michael Korn . Kathryn Lewis . Jonnie Louise Loftus . Jeremy Lord . Roger Lord . John Macurdy . Rosie Magee . James McKinney . Clement J. McNaspy, SJ Carl Metzger . Ed Miller . Mott Palmer . Cynthia Porter . Frank Porter . Robert Presley . Nell Rankin . Kennison Ray . Arnold Ruthenberg . Paul Sahuc . Gary Scallan .  Patrick Shelby . Betty Barbara Smart . Robert Smart . Rose Taylor . David Weadon . Beverly Wolff

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