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C o n d u c t o r s : Work as soloist


McKenzie Albert : Messiah Performance Foundation

Dino Anagnost : Greek Choral Society of New York

Knud Andersson : New Orleans Opera Association

Richard Aslanian : Lyric Opera of Waco, University of Southwestern Louisiana Opera

Dennis Assaf : Jefferson Performing Arts Society

Roger Bayes : Sierra Vista Symphony

Allen Birney : Pennsylvania Sinfonia

Bruce Chamberlain:  Tucson Symphony Orchestra, University of Arizona Choir

Xiaolun Chen : Choral Society of Pensacola

Thomas Cockrell : University of Arizona Symphony

Thomas Conlin : West Virginia Symphony

Fiora Contino : Loyola University Chorale

Thomas Crawford : The Fairfield Orchestra

Sean Deibler : Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia

Philippe Entremont ; New Orleans Philharmonic

Jeffrey Eschleman : AVA Opera Theater

Arthur Fagen : Baltimore Opera, New Orleans Opera Association

Douglas Fisher : FSU Opera 

David Gardner : Tucson Masterworks Chorale

Laurence Gilgore : Connecticut Grand Opera 

Michael Goudeau : Chorale Acadienne

Leopold Hager : Opera Company of Philadelphia

James Haygood : Chorale Acadienne, Performing Arts Society of Acadiana

David Hoose : Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

Thomas Jaber : Opera Company of Philadelphia, AVA Opera Theater

Alexander Jiménez : FSU University Symphony Orchestra

Joseph Knott : University Summer Chorus, University Community Chorus

John Kuypers : Loyola University Women's Chorus 

Mark Lawlor : Mid America Productions

Carroll Lehmann : Monadnock Chorus and Orchestra 

Xiao-lu Li : Acadiana Symphony

Jean-Pierre Marty : New Orleans Opera Association

Gianfranco Masini : Opera Company of Philadelphia

Ed Miller : St John's in the Village

Robert Moncrief : Rye Presbyterian Church

Chris Nance : New Orleans Opera Association 

John Nelson : Opera Theater of Saint Louis

Larry Parsons :  West Virginia Symphony, Larry Parsons Chorale

Kryzsztof Penderecki : FSU University Symphony Orchestra

Robert Presley : USM Opera Theater

Eve Queler : Opera Orchestra of New York

G. Stanley Powell : Abington Presbyterian Church

Stephen Radcliff : New York Chamber Ensemble

Lamar Robertson : Lake Charles Messiah Chorus

Peter Rubardt : Pensacola Symphony Orchestra

John Rutter : Mid America Productions

Gary Savoie : St  John's Cathedral

Robert Smart : Church of the Holy Trinity, Mozart on the Square

Douglas Smith : Annapolis Opera

Mariusz Smolij : Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

John Stansell : First Congregational Church of Old Greenwich

John Struybos : St Joseph's Church, Bronxville

Stephen Sulich : New England Lyric Operetta

Craig Scott Symons : First Congregational Church of Old Greenwich

Robert Thieme : Pittsburgh Opera Theater

André Thomas : Tallahassee Community Chorus

Peter Tiboris : USL University Chorus

Michael Tilson Thomas : New World Symphony

Kevin Walters : Rye Presbyterian Church 

David Weadon : Brick Presbyterian Church

James Wetherald : Wilton Singers



C o n d u c t o r s : Work as chorister:

Dave Brubeck : Brick Presbyterian Church, New York

Emerson Buckley : Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus

William Bullock : Meridian Symphony, USM University Singers, USM Women's Chorus, USM Chamber Singers Choruses 

Elise Cambon : Loyola University Madrigals

Ray Charles : Perry Como: Spring in New Orleans backup singer

Lionel Dakers : Mississippi Conference on Church Music and Liturgy

Robert Ferrington : Honor Choir, Choir Camp

James Fields : Choir Camp

David Hurd : Mississippi Conference on Church Music and Liturgy

John Hutton : Honor Choir

Michael Korn : Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus, Philadelphia Singers 

Erich Leinsdorf : Philadelphia Singers 

James Litton : Mississippi Conference on Church Music and Liturgy

Loren Maazel : Opera Company of Philadelphia Verdi Requiem

Gianfranco Masini : Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus

Vito Mason : Honor Choir

George Mims : Mississippi Conference on Church Music and Liturgy

Bruce Neswick : St Phillips in the Hills Music and Liturgy Festival, Tucson

Richard Pittman : American Music Theater Festival

Richard Proulx : Mississippi Conference on Church Music and Liturgy

Gregg Smith : Guest Conductor, Loyola University

James Taylor - Choir Camp

Larry Wyatt : Loyola University Chorale, Loyola University Women's Chorus, Loyola University Chorus


Peter Rubardt and Soloists from Messiah:

Pensacola Symphony 2009

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