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Previously Unpublished Vocal Works by

Madeleine Dring: 

Volume 1: CVR: 5111 

Art Songs and Arrangements, (c) 2018

Volume 2: CVR: 5139 

Cabaret Songs, (c) 2018

Volume 3: CVR: 5142 

More Art Songs, (c) 2018

Volume 4: CVR: 5148 

More Cabaret Songs, (c) 2018

 Volume 5: CVR: 5153

Still More Art Songs, Arrangements, and Love Songs, 

(c) 2018

Volume 6: CVR: 5154

Still More Cabaret, (c) 2018

Volume 7: CVR: 5155

Cabaret Duets, (c) 2018

Volume 8: CVR: 5156

Ensembles for More than Three Voices, (c) 2018

Volume 9: CVR: 5157

Songs from West End Revues, (c) 2018

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       University of Nevada, Las Vegas. © 2004.


Contributor to:

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Reviews in Journals: 

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