Current Research Projects:


Dr. Brister's name has been associated with British Composer, Madeleine Dring since Brister discovered Dring's music in 2000. Brister has performed Dring's art songs in recitals throughout the United States  with performances in New York (Carnegie Hall, Rye), Florida (FSU (2)), Arizona (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona State University, Tempe), University of Texas - Arlington, Alabama (University of Montevallo) and, Georgia (Valdosta State University and Clayton State University), in Italy (Schlern International Music Festival and Orfeo Music Festival),  and several concerts in Brazil (Museu Nacional, Corrente da Paz, Universidade Federal do  Rio de Janeiro). 


She wrote a doctoral dissertation on the vocal music of Dring (2004), an article for the Journal of Singing (2008), and has lectured on her for the International Congress of Teachers of Singing in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (2013), the same year she completed a two-disc recording all of Dring's published art songs with Tenor Stanford Olsen and Pianist Timothy Hoekman.


She began to gather information about pieces that had not yet been published or recorded; songs from West End Musical Revues, cabaret numbers, as well as art songs, and arrangements. All of these pieces were published in 2018 with Classical Vocal Reprints.

Brister has traveled extensively in England, visiting friends of Dring, interviewing them about their experience with this music and the composer. She has corresponded with members of the Lord family and worked diligently to have this work acknowledged.


In 2015 in a gesture to place flowers upon Dring's grave,  Brister helped discover the gravesite of Miss Dring. Under several inches of soil and grass for many years, the tombstone uncovered in Lambeth Cemetery has been refurbished making it possible for others to visit the site.

She recently finished the definitive biography on Dring to date. Her co-author is Jay Rosenblatt, a former colleague and professor at the University of Arizona. The book was released in October by Clemson University Press.

(Liverpool University Press/ Oxford University Press internationally.)