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The voice itself is rich and opulent and she does not sound like she is scaling back its warmth or fullness... she is able to navigate these songs with a saucy, earthy ease and naturalness that make them come alive... Someone listening to this recording might very well be reminded of Eileen Farrell's groundbreaking album... Brister seems to approach these songs with a similar sense of fun tempered by the care one takes when singing something very special. There is love here.

Gregory Berg

Journal of Singing: (May 2019)

Brister’s voice is a pleasing mezzo soprano with barely a hint of her American accent in this highly anglicised set of song lyrics. Courtney Kenny himself  is a voice in very fine fettle indeed! Willis only appears in Model Models, but her humorous delivery of the witty text is a joy. 

Daniel Adams 

Light Music Society Magazine (October 2019)  

Wanda Brister, mezzo-soprano, as Orfeo, was outstanding. Her voice told the story. The firmly molded line of the music allowed her to display gleaming top notes and at times passionate declamation, notably in the famous aria, "Che farò senza Euridice. (Gluck: Orfeo and Euridice)

          Annapolis Capital


Mezzo-soprano Wanda Brister made the mother's role poignant through her singing. In the first act trio, and in the hopeless lullaby, she strengthened the dramatic thrust of the role. (Menotti: The Consul)

         Philadelphia Inquirer


Outstanding was Wanda Brister as Mrs. Herring. (Britten: Albert Herring)

        Courier-Post (Camden, NJ)


Brister sang with beauty of tone and understanding of style. (Vivaldi: Gloria)

       News of Delaware County


Wanda Brister has a haunting, provocative voice. (Quartet concert)

       Little Rock Gazette


Wanda Brister sang the role of the bratty boy with terrific flair, affectingly bringing out his gradual change of heart (Ravel: L'enfant et les sortilèges)

         Miami Sun-Sentinel


Wanda Brister cavorted around the stage after her Alexander with more voice and also more subtelty than one usually finds in the ingenue roles. (Romberg: New Moon)

       Stamford (CT) Advocate


Some spine-tingling special effects by Brister. (Quartet concert)

      The Toronto Star


Wanda Brister's Marcellina was a wonderful creation. (Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro)

      Stamford (CT) Advocate


I give the Georgie to Wanda Brister who performed Amahl's mother with a care-worn voice, reflecting a love burdened by poverty and the care of a crippled child. (Menotti: Amahl and the Night Visitors)

       The Advertiser (Lafayette, LA)



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